Friday, March 18, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Entrepreneur of the Week

Stepping on to the modeling scene is not a brand new thing for Toronto born and raised HIP*NOD*IK™. She had a brief taste of the business at the age of 16, but put it aside to focus on school.

Now she's older, curvier, and ready to take the world by storm!!!

Her first feature at Officially Thick caused quite a stir and catapulted her MySpace hits. Since then, she's started her own Twitter page, BlogSpot, Model Mayhem page, done various interviews, was the previous co-ceo of BabeMagazine and has been featured with OT a second time.

Determined and driven, she is focused on making HIP*NOD*IK™ a household name!!

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  1. Yeah I haven't been following hipnodik but about a few months to a year but she is definitely the truth. She can do it all promote,create model if she has too. i don't know if this girl has any weak spots. keep doing ur thing beautiful damn she is bad