Monday, March 21, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Entrepreneur of the Week

Noa has been a proud parent of the tattoo machine since Dec 2005. He compares it to the pride of a child because each image he creates is from him. It’s his passion and a hobby that feeds his creative side

Noa has worked in many tattoo shops from NYC to New Jersey. In addition, Noa is featured in two magazines “Urban Ryder” and the “July 2009 issue of Skin n Ink”. Most recently he was featured doing LIVE tattoos on the NY based satellite radio station

Noa is from the Bronx and licensed by the New York State Department Of Health. All needles are BRAND NEW and never reused!
All tubes and grips are cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, and sterilized in an AUTOCLAVE.

For those who don’t know what that means he basically cooks the shit out of his equipment for his and your safety, for the standards of healthy tattooing.

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