Thursday, March 24, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Model of the Week: London Andrews

About London:
She is the girl who is secure in herself and does as she pleases. She is unrestricted by the rules and regulations of the world around her. She has strength, charisma and personality. Each "Doll" is beautiful in her own way and loves to flaunt that beauty to the world. Creating art with her presence in daily life. Some would deem this as not a woman's place, therefore making her "broken" to society's standards. But, she doesn't worry about what society thinks and that brings each "Doll" here for all the World to taste her creation.

On the topic of - ME.

I enjoy derision, cynicism, sarcasm. Guys with tattoos. I'm opinionated, open minded and horribly rude. I am fun and alive. Upbeat. Totally sexy in my own skin. I have the coolest friends anyone could ever ask for. Hmm. Conservative people scare me. I love when guys are really forward and tell you exactly what they're thinking about, it's horribly horribly sexy.

I have no use for brand name clothing, soup in a can, video games, or jello. I will not sit though a sports game unless I have an unlimited supply of alcohol so stop trying to make me watch your football games sober. I like cats - not dogs. And when I'm alone I tend to have deep, useless conversations with them. I keep a little black book - it is both my VIP phone book/sketchbook.

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