Tuesday, March 22, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Unsigned Artist of the Week: Ace King (Music For Daze)

The Lower East Side: A vast melting pot of cultures. Ace King: Born and raised within that same pot. How could an artist from an overwhelmingly Hispanic and Black neighborhood not have the capability to bring you Hip Hop? Ace King is more than a Hip Hop artist, he’s a representation of every kind of life experience, reflected on a piece of paper, and vocalized to stimulate your mind and ears. Whether your life experiences have shown you the terror of the slums, or the possibility of hope through education – he’s been there. Born to Dominican Immigrants, Ace King (AK) is no stranger to hard work. Born to 2 loving parents, Ace King is no stranger to the ideal that if you want something hard enough – you’ll do whatever you have to in order to attain it. He can go on and on about how being from the hood should segway him into the spotlight – or brag about how if music didn’t work out, he has a degree from Fordham University to fall back on..but he’s not. What he will go on and on about though is his passion for music. His desire to put his life, thoughts and opinions onto records. Making music is the easy part. Having people relate to what you say, and make them feel deep down inside that you want this more than anything - is the hard part. Join him & give him the opportunity to show you how he will overcome that hard part…

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