Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Entrepreneur of the Week: Rudy Feliciano

Rudy Feliciano Jr., a son, a Brother, an uncle, and friend. Born May 22, 1975, South Bronx raised in Millbrook Projects, Home of the Big Park parties. A son, to a Father, who was owner of Rudy’s Record World, Located on 138th in Brook Avenue. Influenced by Song and Dance from the start it was clear music and parties are part of his Life forever.
At the age of 13 started getting into Queens Clubs, Due to the celebrity status of his older Brother Louie Legit. This is where Rudy, met Big AL, the Italian Promoter who Open Rudy’s eyes, to big business in partying. At the age 18, Rudy started his quest to being a promoter at Club X throwing his party with no Flyers, or real form of Promotion, just word of Mouth; where he broke even this is where he was introduced to Lucas Montcel of Good Fellas Entertainment. Lucas to a liking to Rudy and seen his potential, Lucas took Rudy and quickly took him as his student, and Show him a lot of the Business, Like the management of employees, Ex: DJ’s door person, Mailing list, coat check, as well as getting the Word of the party around.
Rudy after 3 years of learning how to throw a successful party, quickly took his knowledge of promoting to Manhattan where he Joined Latin Nature Entertainment, where him a Childhood of Eric Ramos and Pr Lou. Put some of the hottest parties together, they brought you Cat Walk, Villa, Jade Terrace, supper club, and many more. He took a Break from Promotion then Came back to GoodFellas entertainment, where he was part of the hottest parties in the Bronx, at Mi Gente Café, where he was the Host with the most for the Female and Male Review. After Mi Gente Café, He was part of the longest ongoing party in the Bronx at Kokonuts/ Red.
The Idea of G Star Entertainment was born 2005, Rudy feeling there was more, and he knew he could finally do it on his own, put his own brand on the game. He quickly grabbed another party goer, by the name of Kari. And out of respect to his Mentors in the Bronx, he made the Trip back to Manhattan, Where he gave you Tonic, on Fridays and Villa on Saturdays, as well as the hottest Boat rides with Sal Abbatiello another Mentor. After two years of partying in the City, G Star, Came back home to the Bronx, and played part to giving you Mamosa, Gallery, Mi Gente Café, 718, and Now Beso Lounge, Officially the Bronx, night hot spots. Now going on 6 years of successful events and parties as G Star Entertainment, he is finally in position to Give back to the Community, 2010 he organized the First Haiti Relief fund by Promoters at Mamosa Lounge, 2011 he started off with Beso Lounge and Autism Speaks, where he gave you the First Successful Date Auction, Which raised over 2000.00 dollars, for the Cause. More events are coming up and continue.
With time comes change and only the strong can survive it. He’s seen some other companies come and go, and is happy to be a foundation, in the night life scene. Continuing to make the party goers, happy and safe is Rudy Feliciano/ G star Entertainments Goal.

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