Monday, May 9, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE DJ of the Week: DJ O.Minaya (SikMixxRadio / Minaya Musik)

Few DJ’s can produce the energy it takes to get a crowd moving like DJ O.Minaya does in the club. As you see him working you can feel the intensity, passion, and desire he has for music. Engaging the crowd he spins a record back or switches to another letting the crowd feed off his vibe. Amping the crowd he screams into the mic, and gets people to yell at the top of their lungs. Just when you think it’s over DJ O.Minaya throws on an even hotter record, something unexpected that gets the crowd even crazier. DJ O.Minaya can perfectly scratch, mix or blend any track with ease. With his vast record selection he is versatile, allowing him the ability to cater to every crowd. This not only defines him as a DJ but also as an artist who is full of energy and aptitude who believes there is not a crowd he cannot move.

DJ O.Minaya who was born in the South Bronx, New York began his DJ career at the age of 12. Before he was known as DJ O.Minaya he was a simple boy from the Bronx who enjoyed music. This is the life of someone who was destined to be a DJ. Once introduced to a turntable at the age 12, he took flight and knew this was just the beginning, there was no simple endeavor he could not accomplish. With his passion and drive he took flight full speed. Soon after he made it his goal to study what would make him a phenomenal DJ and create a following. By 1999 DJ O.Minaya broke into the cub scene, and knew there wasn’t a crowd he couldn’t cater to, creating a following with the promoters he worked with. Promoters loved his DJ skills and looked to book him for there up and coming events.

DJ O.Minaya partakes in DJ-ing events including but not limited to: weddings, store openings, United Colors of Benetton, Armani Exchange, and many more. Thinking outside the box and unconventional there is not a gig he won’t take on. Producing a great atmosphere, and pleasing the client at events that have came out a success they continue to book his services year round.

DJ O.Minaya is also very active and involved in the South Bronx community he was raised in. He has hosted and gathered sponsors yearly to support the summer basketball program for kids in the community. U.N.I.T entertainment a non-for-profit organization mentors as well as host tournaments throughout the summer for kids in the Bronx community. Lending his services for the community he has also DJ-ed at these events.

So what does the future hold for DJ O.Minaya, you ask? Being one of the first NY DJ’s to spin at Memorial Day weekend getaways to Puerto Rico. He also spins at your local bars and your widely known main stream clubs. It is obvious there are remarkable thing to be expected from DJ O.Minaya’s career, as he aspires to overachieve in everything he does. Whether it’s a trendy club or your local neighborhood bar there no crowd he can’t cater to.

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