Monday, May 9, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Entrepreneur of the Week: DL Maclin (Founder / C.E.O.)

Born in Chicago Illinois, DL Maclin is a young and gifted entrepreneur that has entered the fashion world with a humble and work driven attitude. Being a man of determination, DL's knowledge and insight for fashion later successfully paved the way for his natural skills in designing his line. As a young man, he dreamed of becoming a success story and an industry leader by setting high standards in the fashion industry. With DL's vision and creative mindset, the sky is the limit!!
At the young age of 12, DL began to pay more and more attention to fashion and realized that he could bring more to the table. He felt that he needed to be around the fashion limelight so that he could be one with what he loved the most. Trusting his instinct, he decided to live with his mother in New York City. The scenery and energy of the city inspired his creative palate and imagination to create clothing that he hoped he could one day share with the world. And thus, a CEO was born.
In New York, DL studied Industrial Arts and Business. After graduation, he moved to Memphis Tennessee to help run the family landscaping and design business. However, in 2001, DL was presented with an opportunity of a lifetime. He was discovered by an up and coming model whom also ran his own modeling agency. Due to DL's love for the fashion industry, he left the family business and accepted the opportunity.
In 2002, DL traveled from Memphis, to Atlanta, New Jersey and New York competing in several fashion and hair shows such as Bronner Brothers International Hair Show, John Blassingame, publisher of Hype Hair Magazine, Black Mens Magazine, and SSX Magazine.
In 2003, DL decided to end his modeling career and pursue his dream of starting his own clothing line. He realized that Memphis needed its recognition for its trend setting styles as other major fashion cities. He created the Adonai® Signature Clothing logo and the brand was officially born. He is currently working with a team from coast to coast and is as still driven as he was as a child in New York.


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