Monday, May 23, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Model of the Week: Cherry Darling


Dominican Republic born Cherry Darling, Is a new face in the scene. She always had the aspirations of being a model but never thought she would become one. Family thoughts on modeling just being something you did as a hobby not as a career trumped her. She began pursuing other outlets as backup dancing for several known hip hop and reggaeton artists such as Talentino, Aguakate, De La Ghetto and Ying Yang Twinz, Wilson Y Yandel and Billionz to name a few. While she was backup dancing she realized that this was where she belonged she is 25yrs old and thought its either now or never so she reached out to fellow friend and model Tana Allure and got introduced to Desi Adorn who actually has seen Cherry Darling on the scene for years and wanted to shoot her. Desi decided that she would be perfect for Hip Hop World Magazine and spoke to the powers that be for the magazine and they agreed. Next thing you know Cherry Darling's images became a hit sensation she received nothing but positive feedback and now she feels more satisfied about the destiny of her future and career.

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