Monday, May 23, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Entreprenuer of the Week: Desi Adorn (Founder and C.E.O. of Desi Adorn Photography)

Celebrity photographer Desi Adorn was born and raised in the Bronx and is based out of Manhattan and Brooklyn. She started shooting photography ten years ago while getting her fine art degree from Herbert Lehman College. This was the beginning of Desi creating herself as a brand.

Desi has had the privilege of working with all sorts of people throughout her career such as  models, actors, dancers,  athletes and singers. Her talent has brought her to work with Dream Magazine, Stiletto Talk Magazine, Signature Hits Magazine, F.E.D.S. Magazine, So Fine Magazine, Twelve Ten Magazine,Vocabb Magazine, Ford Entertainment Magazine, and the new  ad campaign for the upcoming liquor "One Night Stand" from Amarante Gold Member Inc. and Conjure Cognac. She has also been published internationally in the Dominican Republic newspaper   Periodico Camino, national Circulation  on nday January 17th, 2010. And has had the privilege to shoot Model/Singer Gloria Velez, Nomi from the popular group Jessica 6, Tanyka Renee from the Lingerie Football League. Christian Brown who had a small role in the  "Just Wright" movie starring Queen Latifah and Common, Rosie Alvarez whose been featured in Connection Magazine, done several music videos with acclaimed artists, and recently in Sweets Magazine. Last but not least I had gotten the opportunity to shoot Emmy award winning Jason Samuels Smith tap shoes for Bloch.

Desi has been honored as Director of Talent and in house photographer for, editor in chief for Stiletto Talk Magazine, head photographer for straight from the streets magazine, and NY rep for Twelve Ten Magazine.

Desi Adorn 's style of photography can be easily detected through her choice of lighting, composition and ability to step out the box even under the simplest sets. This is what she is best known for. Having a background in fine arts since the age of twelve years old has guided her in constructing her visions in a photo shoot. Many of her clients have witnessed her construct a carousel contraption to emulate floating cards, kiddie pools used as cubbies for models and a giant looking prophylactic, wood panels, decorative wrapping paper and posters to change plain walls into beautiful dramatic settings. A lot of this is always improvised  but the end result has always ended successfully.  
Desi can see herself in the following years continuing to bring her style and uniqueness to her photo sessions. She sees herself continuing to give her clients  fun filled environments in their photos and during their photo sessions and providing a seal of guarantee that the images will reach the ultimate satisfaction.

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