Monday, May 23, 2011

UNTOUCHABLE Unsigned Artist of the Week: Misfit Dior

As a child Laeticia Harrison-Roberts would play dress up in designer couture gowns her dressmaker mother would be altering for a lord ando and so’. Constantly surrounded by luxurious but extremely expensive clothes, she never dreamed being able to afford, she took the ideas she got from them and drew pictures of dresses she believed being a princess she had to have, her mother would make her designs come to life and some might say created a fashion monster as by just 4 years old, she was the youngest to enter but didn't stop her winning the 'design an outfit for Barbie' competition. her design was made up and manufactured for Barbie, from then on all this little girl could dream about as she danced, sang and strutted around as if on a catwalk was a future of fashion and entertainment. Always the exhibitionist she had to make a new outfit every week and in her teenage years, as she worked the club scene in London it would be something of the talk of the town - "what fashionable creation will she be teaming up her new Dior shoes with this week ?!" in her early teens instead of school she took a job at a designer boutique where she received clothes as form of payment, this young girl would walk around in high end designer suits such as Versace and Lawrence Steele to which most girls her age have not even heard of, not Laeticia - she knew everything about fashion, she spend her pocket money on vogue every month and studied every designer and supermodel. Christian Dior stood out the most for her and she was to become a life long loyal fan she began modeling and landed among other notable jobs the "Top Shop" billboard campaign Spending the summer working in Ibiza she returned to a new sound in her ears Gangsta Rap, her music tastes had taken a dramatic turn from "The Cure" to N.W.A, learning all the lyrics to NWA's ‘Straight Outta Compton’ album she would perform her perfected raps to any one that would listen, and someone did, noticing her talents the CEO of indie label street dreams quickly signed her. she was thrilled to be able to entertain with a voice now as modeling had started to feel a bit like being just a clothes hanger to her. she spent the next year writing, recording and developing her sound, performing and featuring on many of the London based mix-tapes around the same time she had met Proof (of D12) while he was on a tour in the UK they struck up a close friendship, he would help her with her rhyme patterns and after a drunk game of chess one night he blurted out her stage name should be "Misfit" 'fit' is a fond term given to a cute person in the UK and "as girly as you are, you hardly fit the rapper stereotype". He would continue to mentor her closely until his death in 2006.

The Dior part of her name came later, affectionately from fans due to her growing obsession with the fashion house. Misfit had another dream to live in new york and she came to a point where it was now or never, so just like that, she packed up the contents of her Covent Garden, London apt and with about $300 on her took a one way flight by herself to New York
Some what daunting for her at first although it wasn't long before she found an apt in Brooklyn, made new friend and was a regular on the New York club scene, working the door at some of the more exclusive parties to make ends meet, she was able to network and put the word out of her musical talent passing her demo out, however still trying to get herself back on her feet in this new life her music suffered a little, but she got in the studio as often as she could afford. She Released Mix-tapes such as “Sex Sells” with her friend, singer Tha Law under their group name Misfit & Tha Law, where they performed their single “Hey Boy” in and around New York’s trendy hot spots. Misfit Dior continued to work in the studio, featuring on mix- tapes but always felt it a struggle to be taken seriously in the male dominated world of rap, she would constantly be told she needed to be ‘more Britney/ Christina’ that hip hop wasn't for her. Frustrated she even tried toning down her flamboyant fashion sense in a hope to blend in with the guys more. However In 2006 Misfit was asked to participate in the VH1 reality show “The White Rapper Show”. The show’s January 2007 airing was huge success in the US also in Canada, Europe and Australia and Misfit quickly became a fan favorite despite only featuring in two episodes, instantly gaining her millions of worldwide fans. Misfit perform and guested on many of the major radio stations across the country. She also landed the Ad Campaign for B.U.M Equipment Clothing featuring on billboards across the world including Times Sq and has been featured in magazines such as Complex, New York, Inked, Misbehave and YRB to name a few and was the lead in the movie short ‘Arc of Light’. Still hearing that she needed to tone down her lyrics, she found herself a vocal coach, and began singing lessons to expand her musical options. Working on a brand new album with a whole new sound somewhere in the middle of the bubble gum pop she had been asked for with the edginess of her raps. describing it, she fondly calls it Hip Pop. ‘Mr Plastic’ was digitally released the last quarter of 09 and with a cameo role in the upcoming movie Sex and the City 2 out in 2010 and her new album in the works, which she says is going to surprise a lot of fans with a new sound from what the world has already heard, its looks like 2010 is going a promising year for Misfit Dior.



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